The stages of the Project

The Frameboy Journey
5 min readNov 27, 2021

Let’s take a walk through all the different steps of the Frameboy Journey. From the concept to what happens after the mint, we covered it all.

My First Thoughts

October 14th, 2021

Frameboy was created and is still being run by 5 people. The first stage of the project was centered around defining roles. Our developer and Metaverse enthusiast @raphows was the first one to bring the team together in October 2021. @doug joined him on coding and @manzinador @vazquezzz and @raposa should take care of building the lore, art, social platforms and communication. We kicked off the project by exposing our personal goals on this brand new world and @vazquezzz and @manzinador brought various ideas(there were A LOT of them). Through a couple of meetings our concept and lore was finally decided and finally The Frameboy Journey came alive on the night of October 14th. We almost immediately bought the domain, created the Twitter accounts and launched the Discord server. It was the five of us over the moon celebrating in an empty chat room.

One topic we ALL agreed on was to NOT invest any money on influencers, bots, paid shilling or any other desperate marketing stunt. We grew slowly, organic and happily.

The Mindblowing Reveal

November 10th, 2021

It was time to tell everyone about our disruptive concept of building a collection with NFTs that can be combined to create unique fluid walking animations. We had a solid and engaged community and big shot users were starting to call us out on Discord and Twitter to compliment the artwork and lore.

Aside from all the distinct trais @manzinador was creating, he paid special attention to an array of 16 different body positions for Frameboy. Just like a cartoon or movie, when you combine those 16 pieces, a fluid animation comes alive and our beloved character starts walking. That means that a Frameboy NFT holder is capable of building what we call “journeys’’ alongside other holders. Some of our community family members soon became interested in minting as many Frameboys as they could so they can own a full animation themselves. Private or shared, it’s all about finding that unique rare art to combine with your own and create an exclusive narrative.

The Brain Surgery

December 03rd, 2021

Since The Frameboy Journey is based on individual mental pathways that can be shared and transformed, we felt that the Brain Surgery concept would be perfect for the minting stage. Essentially, Frameboy has always been within your brain and our mint is just a tool to collect it out of your head. There are 3.333 NFTs in the collection and each one is up for Minting for 0,49 SOL. Family comes first so there will be an exclusive Mint five minutes before public opening for OG members, highly engaged Discord members and contest winners.

You Get What You Give

December 2021

Right after closing the mint, 10% of the mint profits will be donated to organizations that support pacients and families struggling with menatl health challenges. Our first social partner confirmed is Bem do Estar Institute. We’re still waiting for one other project to respond to our partnership.

Bem do Estar was founded by a former third sector executive. In 2018, after fighting depression, she and her co-founder started what would become an organization that combines public and private advocates to raise awareness at mental health. They deliver digital content as well as practical experiences through social projects. Fell free to check their website, Youtube, Instagram and Linkedin.

Tripping Room

December 11th, 2021

The Frameboy holders will grant exclusive access to the Tripping Room in Discord. The community is our pillar and the space will be completely dedicated to discussing the community’s common goals and how to advance with the project in a sustainable and profitable way.

The Shrink Office

24h after the Mint closes

To allow the holders to build their animated journeys, the Shrink Office will be available 24 hours after the mint wraps up. The resource will take place on the desktop version of the Frameboy website. By entering the space, holders will be asked to log with their Phantom wallet and will immediately see their private Frameboy NFTs positioned in one of the 16 available frames that are necessary to build an animated clip. Holders can then click on the numbered boxes that are left empty and choose from all the Frameboy collection the ones they feel would fit perfectly to the journey they’re trying to create. On a click of a button holders may create, edit, download and share their animations.
A Frameboy NFT may be owned by a single holder but journeys are shared! There’s always space for a journey on your own but still inspired and cherished by our Frameboy family. To do so, a holder must collect each one of the 16 Frameboy walking poses.


December 2021

Discover the brand new $TEPS, the TOKEN from The Frameboy Journey.

She will STEP TEP TEP her way into your wallet before Christmas. Santa better hurry up and MINT himself some Frameboys too. Starting just before Santa arrives, all Frameboy Holders will receive $TEPS tokens. They will be key for engagement rewards on the Shrink Office, our GIF creation platform at
$TEPS will mark the end of our Roadmap 1.0 AND the start of our Roadmap 2.0! Get ready for some walking TOKENOMICS and remember: shared journeys are the best ones!



The Frameboy Journey

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