The Project Background

The Frameboy Journey
3 min readNov 27, 2021

The pandemic was hard all around. The social, economic and political impacts resonate within different global demographics but have a special meaning towards the founders, five brazilians whose country faced a time marked by death rise, authoritarianism and economic crisis. The challenges in the outside world were big and the ones inside people’s heads also got harder. And although the global prevalence and burden of depressive and anxiety disorder is all over the news, mental health is still a stigmatized subject.

The Concept

A concept that could approach mental health with a positive attitude. A character that could carry his own truths but also could open doors to resonate the whole community stories. The Frameboy character is a character with a big head — cause sometimes people feel so lost inside of it that it gets heavy and dark — that they believe that they won’t be able to move. But with the proper support people can keep going. So The Frameboy Journey is a celebration of the keep-going-mindset, even when one’s head is full of doubts and disbeliefs. It’s about inner struggles, it’s about community, life journeys, but mainly, a positive message: keep going on. Personal journeys are not easy to build, but they can be way more satisfying when shared. And in order to bring that concept to life, the founders needed a strong clear collection idea to support this.

Walk the talk

The innovative Idea that brought the strategy.

How could the founders talk about a “keep moving” attitude towards journey struggles by making a collection that stood static? How could they talk about the importance of reaching out to others creating a collection that NFT owners don’t necessarily have to connect? They couldn’t. And that’s when the innovation appeared on the table.

What’s Frameboy?

The Frameboy Journey is a NFT collection whose assets can be later arranged to form full animated gifs that tell unique stories. Each NFT is a static frame from an animated gif.

How does the project works?

To build a fluid motion sequence, one needs to combine at least 16 NFTs. There’s NO NEED TO OWN all of them except for ONE. As a holder, a user can log into our website, select a Frameboy from his private collection and then combine with 15 other NFTs from the project. By doing that, a holder creates an unique animated gif. What about the other 15 holders? There’s no need to ask for permission from each of the 15 NFT holders to merge their art into a clip. We believe that stories are out there to inspire new narratives

That being said, keep both eyes open for creating rare compositions…. the more rare the NFTs inside it, the better.



The Frameboy Journey

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