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The Frameboy Journey
5 min readJan 29, 2022

$TEPS is the utility token that fuels the Frameboy universe. It uses a rewards based economy design to create sustainable growth.

They will be key factors for The Frameboy Journey community and project future, bringing access to new art and content yet to be released. Be aware that $TEPS is NOT an investment and has NO economic value: 1 $TEP = 1 $TEP.

Each NFT yields daily $TEPS — but only if it is not listed on the secondary market on that day. Thus, you’ll get different amounts of $TEPS per day, depending on which Frameboy you got.

We believe in freedom for our holders so they can choose when to redeem the $TEPS tokens that their NFTs have yielded. To do so, a holder must access the “$TEPS ATM” section from The Frameboy website and request to redeem the amount of $TEPS available for their NFTs.

If the holder decides to sell and NFT without redeeming any of its yield $TEPS, the balance remains valid within the value of that specific NFT. This means that the sum of $TEPS tokens owed to that NFT can be added to its secondary market price.

In a matter of transparency, anyone can check how many $TEPS tokens an NFT has available at any time, accessing the “Collection Data” section from The Frameboy website by searching for the desired NFT. That states for market visibility over your NFT value.


  1. Keep your The Frameboy Journey NFT in your wallet for in-wallet staking.
  2. 2. Tokens are made available to redeem on The Frameboy website as they yield (daily).
  3. 3. The end.


The Frameboy Journey is a collection of 3,333 snapshots of The Frameboy’s life.

It has ups and downs, escapism, inner trips, anxiety, overthinking, struggles and adventures. But besides all there’s a framely and art. And that’s what will take us for the long run. Besides some $TEPS tokens, of course.

With great rarity comes great yield — the NFTs are distributed over 04 Frameboy groups according to its rarity ranking position:

Group 01: The Openminded Frameboy | Rank #2228 to #3333
10 $TEPS / day

Group 02: The Nevermind Frameboy | Rank #1125 to #2227
13 $TEPS / day

Group 03: The Mastermind Frameboy | Rank #23 to #1124
17 $TEPS / day

Group 04: The Mindblow Frameboy | Rank #1 to #22
20 $TEPS / day


— 33,333,333 total token supply —

50% of all $TEPS for holders who walk along with us. Start walking!
20% of all $TEPS to be distributed for holders of future collections.
20% of all $TEPS for Liquidity pools.
10% of all $TEPS for the Team behind The Frameboy project.

Tokens spent on new art will be burnt.

— About the supply —

To decide on the total token supply, we considered that, if the collection has around 80% daily holders, we will have a daily distribution of:

Group 01: The Openminded Frameboy | Rank #2228 to #3333
880 * 10 $TEPS = 8,800 $TEPS

Group 02: The Nevermind Frameboy | Rank #1125 to #2227
880 * 13 $TEPS = 11,440 $TEPS

Group 03: The Mastermind Frameboy | Rank #23 to #1124
880 * 17 $TEPS = 14,960 $TEPS

Group 04: The Mindblow Frameboy | Rank #1 to #22
18 * 20 $TEPS = 360 $TEPS

For a total daily distribution of 35,560 $TEPS.

That means that the 50% of all $TEPS destined for the collection holders (16,666,667 $TEPS) will be distributed in around 469 days.

With 100% daily holders, we would have:

Group 01: The Openminded Frameboy | Rank #2228 to #3333
1106 * 10 $TEPS = 11,060 $TEPS

Group 02: The Nevermind Frameboy | Rank #1125 to #2227
1103 * 13 $TEPS = 14,339 $TEPS

Group 03: The Mastermind Frameboy | Rank #23 to #1124
1102 * 17 $TEPS = 18,734 $TEPS

Group 04: The Mindblow Frameboy | Rank #1 to #22
22 * 20 $TEPS = 440 $TEPS

For a total daily distribution of 44,573 $TEPS.

$TEPS will then fuel the Frameboy universe for the next 12 to 15 months, as our Framely get to decide together the next steps of the project.


For now, $TEPS token won’t get listed on any DEX, as we build momentum around the project and utility of the $TEPS token.

20% of all $TEPS are reserved for Liquidity pools, and those will be made available at the best moment, to be decided together with our Framely.


Of course not!
Life is full of surprises, as is the Frameboy Journey around the metaverse.

We have already dropped many hints at our comic lore strips. There are many places yet to be discovered by The Frameboy, and how many different NFTs with different step positions you have will impact on how much time you will take to complete your journeys.


Those revelations will be KEY to our Roadmap 2.0! Stay tuned!


Adjustments on the tokenomics might be needed in the future.
If needed, the Framely will be consulted to decide if the adjustments will happen and what they will be.



The Frameboy Journey

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